kiki+woolf was born out of a desire to multiply joy and beauty by connecting communities across the globe, sharing stories of hope and solidarity, and promoting beautiful objects that are sustainably and ethically made.

We invest in artisans and producers that not only create exquisite things but who build sustainable businesses with fair and dignified work, safe working conditions, and environmentally sound practices that allow individuals, their families, and their communities to thrive.

Our business is fundamentally about the human connection we pass through our hands and our hearts when a craft is learned or shared with a new generation, when a cherished design is hand-selected to be exhibited to the world, when a customer discovers a treasure that carries with it a part of its creator and their culture, and when someone is inspired to bring joy to a loved one through the gift of giving.

At our core, we believe meaningful, purposeful connections to one another are what nourish our souls, foster joy, and enable all of us to move forward in harmony. 

Our founders bring to kiki+woolf their love of travel, discovery, and humanity at large; deep respect for artisanry, entrepreneurship and imaginative design; and an unwavering commitment to advancing social justice.

Their backgrounds bring a combined four decades of experience in the art and design industry — cultivating the careers of emerging and up-and-coming artists and connecting them to international collectors — as well as work with nonprofits, community organizations, and United Nations agencies to advance equality, justice, and peace through trade and investment.

Prior to launching kiki+woolf the founders led a number of retail and wholesale fair trade and socially responsible brands whose products are now sold in hundreds of boutiques and museum shops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

We hope our current collection inspires you, brings you joy, and connects you to something or someone new.